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Neuro Linguistic Programming…A bit of a mouthful isn't it!

During our lifetime our mind creates and stores representations of what we see, hear, touch, taste and smell. Whatever aspect of these five senses we are subjected to during our lives, (good and bad stuff) our mind records and retrieves in a like manner, a bit like inputting data into a computer.

How would your life be different, if you could be free from your phobias, anxieties or any negative thoughts you may experience?

Wouldn't it feel great to delete that negative data?

NLP uses a series of techniques that allow your brain to rethink and recreate information, it allows you to erase the stuff you don't want. Now, how amazing is that!

As an NLP Practitioner, Emotional Management & Mindfulness Coach the great thing about the processes I use with you is that you do not have to talk about what has happened to you! I do not always need to know the details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Featured FAQ

Q) How many sessions will I need?

A) it will depend on you and the complexities of what you want to change. In most cases just one session will enable you to make the changes you desire. I will never recommend more sessions than you need. It is important that you want to make changes to yourself. Attending because someone has made you come may not be effective for you.

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Featured FAQ

Q) Can I bring someone with me?

A) We all need a little moral support don’t we? If you really feel that you need someone, then that’s ok, but I would prefer to see you on your own so that I have your undivided attention! Children under 16 though are always seen with an adult present.

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Featured FAQ

Q) Is there an age limit or person it wouldn't work with?

A) Processes can not be effective if a person has any form of brain damage or serious mental health issues. For children under 3yrs the processes would not be effective due to the development of the brain at this stage.

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