About Me – NLP Practitioner

A little something about me.

I like people! I have always worked with people and I enjoy it, that's what motivates me to work within this field.

My background is varied and I have worked within Social services and the NHS. I have also worked in the private sector providing Human Resources capabilities and workplace training.

Does NLP really work? In short yes!

I have used these techniques on myself and have been able to overcome many of my own personal troubles and anxieties. I can vouch for the success of this process, but please take time to read the testimonials from real people like you who have benefited from my services.

Seeing the results of these tried and tested therapies on myself and others whom I have studied and worked with has inspired and motivated me to become an NLP Practitioner, Emotional Management & Mindfulness Coach. The main goal is to provide help and support in guiding you to have the ability to be, who you want to be.

Specialist Areas:
Phobia, Anxieties, depression, overweight/weight loss, fears, traumas, PTSD, guilt, bereavement, negative thought, bullying, harassment, habits


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