These FAQs are designed to provide a better understanding how we work

Q) How many sessions will I need?

A) it will depend on you and the complexities of what you want to change. In most cases just one session will enable you to make the changes you desire. I will never recommend more sessions than you need. It is important that you want to make changes to yourself. Attending because someone has made you come may not be effective for you.

Q) Do you do home visits?

A) My time is limited…..yes I can undertake home visits but I will have to build a travel time and travel cost into the amount I charge you.

Q) How do I pay?

In order to keep my running cost low I do not take card or check payments. Cash or electronic payments are my payment options.

Q) Where do I come to?

A) This will be arranged at the time of your appointment.

Q)How does it work?

A) I will use techniques that will access your unconscious subconscious. Then I will enable you to reprogram the information, freeing you from the issue that once used to trouble you. How fantastic is that!

Q) If it doesn't work do I get a refund?

A) I will know if I have been able to help you at the time of consultation as I will be able to read and measure successful outcomes. If I feel that the session has not worked then I will not feel able to charge you. Like with so many things in life there are no guarantees!

Q) Can you undertake sessions by telephone?

A) Not initially. However I am always happy to offer you support via the telephone following your consultation.

Q) What if I change my mind about the appointment?

A) That’s absolutely fine. However, remember my time is limited and I do need to book rooms and undertake travel. I will need 24hours notice of cancellations. If you do not give me notice then I may still need to charge you for your session.

Q) Can I bring someone with me?

A) We all need a little moral support don’t we? If you really feel that you need someone, then that’s ok, but I would prefer to see you on your own so that I have your undivided attention! Children under 16 though are always seen with an adult present.

Q) Is there an age limit or person it wouldn't work with?

A) Processes can not be effective if a person has any form of brain damage or serious mental health issues. For children under 3yrs the processes would not be effective due to the development of the brain at this stage.

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